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White Claw 

12 flavors started but one was flavor of  the summer. 





Kelsey Farman

Ray Del Savio


Adolfo Alcala

Motion Designer

Max Cohen

Three things we know are true: 1. people LOVE White Claw 2. people LOVE to debate which flavor is the best and 3. it's obviously black cherry.

Last summer, we pitted 12 of White Claws' most beloved flavors against one another in the hottest new reality show, CLAW Island. This
4-week running Twitter campaign let fans vote for their favorite flavors, and the ones who didn't get the votes were sent packing.

We launched on social getting fans excited 

We created a meet the flavors video showing off the contestants

Flavors took to Twitter with their canfessionals

New Flavor.png

Hot new bombshells entered the villa

The final two, with an unexpected winner

unnamed (3).png

And the internet loved it

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